We love the honey!

A little bit about One Hundred Acre Ltd and why we love honey...

The One Hundred Acre Story... So far!

One Hundred Acre was created by three honey loving brothers. In the pursuit of our passion we discovered there are hundreds of different types of honey yet people rarely go beyond the small variety on offer in supermarkets. Our aim is expand honey lovers horizons to a world of luxury.

What about the bees?

We are very  aware that bees take on an essential role in the environment and therefore we donate 1% of our profits to bee charities to help keep them in their naturally happy state. After all happy bee's means happy honey!

Why Honey?

Simply put we love honey! The standard supermarket honey is obviously a favourite among the masses, however there are varieties of honey that are so full of flavour it would be a shame that you didn't try them at least once.

Why a subscription box?

We feel its the best way to showcase as many varieties of honey as possible. A new honey delivered to your door every month, with the excitement of what it will be. Will it be clear? Will it be dark? Will it be runny? Will it be set? Will it be strong?

Will it be luxury? We only supply the best!

Enter the world of luxury honey today and subscribe.